Yirgacheffe (Green/Unroasted)


This coffee is sold and shipped UNROASTED.  

The cup character of Ethiopian coffee is nearly impossible to reproduce anywhere else in the world and Yirgacheffe region has always been looked towards for producing the most exceptional cups.

Have fun roasting and enjoying a delicious of your very own roasted Yirgacheffe, the flavors are unmatched. Roast profiles will definitely enhance certain notes more than others. When roasting for Jebena (medium/dark roast) anticipate a deep sweetness reminiscent of caramel or dark chocolate. If you're keeping your roast lighter anticipate a vanilla sweetness and juicy fruit notes.

Remember to have fun roasting! Experiment and explore as you search for your perfect cup of coffee.

TASTING NOTES Vanilla, Honeydew, Jasmine Tea

PROCESSING Wet-Processed (Washed)