Sidamo (Green/Unroasted)


This coffee is sold and shipped UNROASTED.  

Few coffee-producing countries offer as much diversity in quality and cup profile as Ethiopia. The range of floral, fruit, and botanical qualities one can experience in coffees from this single country is incredible.

The region of Sidamo produces the vast majority of Ethiopia's coffee production which comes from small-holder farmers, each producing an average of 300kg (5 burlap bags) per year. The coffee from these small producers comes from one of three production methods: forest-grown (wild coffee grown under full cover of forest trees), semi-forest (farmers thin trees and slash weeds once a year to facilitate harvesting), and garden (planted in low densities, fertilized with organic material and inter-cropped). 

TASTING NOTES Blueberry, Black Tea, medium Lemon brightness

PROCESSING Wet-Processed (Washed)