With 2,800 smallholder farms, Nova Coffee grows red Arabica Bourbon in the volcanic soils of northern Rwanda. The beans are then exported by Africa-based, women-led Ikawa House. In every sip, discover delightful complexity and the shared fruits of partnership.

TASTING NOTES Strawberry wafers, citrus


REGION + ELEVATION Rwanda | 1750-2000 m

BREW METHODS Manual Brew, Batch Brew, Espresso

PROCESSING Dry-processed (Natural)

VARIETY Red Bourbon


Nova Coffee and Ikawa House are jointly bringing Nova to Boon Boona for the 3rd year in a row. Agnes Mukamushinja founded the washing station in 2015. Nova Coffee now engages with over 2,800 local smallholders with a focus on women farmers. Laetitia Mukandahiro and Uzziel Habimana founded Ikawa House exporters the same year as we were born. Ikawa House has already changed the way coffee is sourced in Rwanda. We are excited and proud to be business partners with such intentional and passionate organizations. To many more harvests.


Where Nova Coffee and Ikawa House are, the positive impact is a chain reaction. Nova Coffee's core mission is empowering women farmers while providing techinical support and transparent buying practices across all their farmer members.

Ikawa House is determined to increase awareness of the smallholders and the next generation of coffee people about the specialty coffee supply chain to help them elevate their own well-being and economic security. They have an education center in Kigali where they teach and train the youth in coffee growing, sensory analysis and trade according to their own curriculum.

They have also established multiple education hubs that are located closer to the washing stations they work with. Through these hubs they provide on-going training and seminars to improve the livelihoods of smallholder farmers and the younger generation.