Boon Boona Sample Box

3 Coffees / 4oz each / Whole bean  


Boon Boona cultivates enduring, sustainable partnerships with coffee stakeholders across African nations like Ethiopia, Rwanda, Burundi, and Kenya. Prioritizing support for woman-owned growers and exploring untapped regions, we view coffee as a catalyst for shared prosperity, channeling a significant portion of profits back to individual growers and contributing to the overall development of the African coffee industry. Our intentional approach enables us to source top-quality coffee while fostering positive impact.

Our Boon Boona Sample Box represent three delicious coffees with different roast and flavor profiles to enjoy - Jebena Blend - a blend of Ethiopia and Cameroon this medium/dark roast has really nice bittersweet chocolate, fabulous as an espresso. Bereka Blend - comprised of the same coffee components Ethiopia/Cameroon but roasted to a true medium profile which brings out a graham cracker sweetness from the coffee. The third coffee is a surprise - our Roasters are constantly introducing unique single origins so get ready to have fun with this one!