Bereka Blend (Medium Roast)

BEREKA (Medium Blend)

Bereka is our medium roast blend curated with organic-certified beans from Ethiopia and Cameroon that support sustainable agriculture and healthy food systems. Bereka is an important art of the East African coffee ceremony that is associated with creating strong and warm social ties. We roasted the blend to represent this kind of connection with our community.

Bereka has notes of warm baking spices like cinnamon as well as a welcoming cane sugar sweetness with a creamy body. Bereka makes great espresso and cold brew. It is also at home with manual pour-over methods and immersion methods like french press. Choose your adventure!

What does “Bereka” mean?

Bereka means “to be blessed” in Amharic and represents both the celebration of life centered around the East African coffee ceremony. This ritual is the fabric of all social gatherings, from celebrations to mourning, and we are proud to honor this tradition at Boon Boona.

The ceremony begins with pan roasting green (unroasted) coffee beans, which are then brewed in a clay pot known as a jebena. The coffee is brewed three times and served in small cups called finjal/sini. The first two rounds of brewing have unique names based on the language of the local community, however, across languages the last round is called Bereka, meaning “To be blessed”. It is the guests who offer blessings to the host as a form of gratitude for the hospitality.

How does your purchase support our local community?

Proceeds from the sale of Bereka support families and children experiencing homelessness. We are proud to partner with Vision House, a King County non-profit whose mission is to promote positive transformation and inspire our community to unite so that all people have access to a healthy home. Vision House helps break the cycle of homelessness for families with children. Race doesn’t matter. Neither does religion, national origin, gender, or sexual preference . . . every person deserves a healthy home. It’s not a privilege, but a basic human right.