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Turihamwe - Burundi


Flavor notes: Turihamwe has cherry-like fruit and chocolate notes with a syrupy body and medium citrus acidity

Producer: Turihamwe Cooperative

Commmune: Busiga

Importer: JNP Coffee

Region: Ngozi Province

Variety: Bourbon

Processing: Wet-processed (Washed)

Altitude: 1,750 masl

Crop: 2019-2020


In 2019, seven Burundian coffee producer women came together to form Turihamwe

Turashobora (Together We Can) investor group. The premiums they have received from JNP Coffee as part of the International Women’s Coffee Alliance (IWCA) Premium Program helped them build their own wet-mill (washing station) to cultivate and process their own coffees.

Turihamwe processed their very first harvest this year. We are proud to be partnering with JNP Coffee for the third time and to offer you the first harvest of this inspiringly resilient producer group. For these women and nearly 2,000 others, the premiums they earn enable them to save money for the first time in their lives. The women also participate in financial literacy classes that teach them how to make smart decisions with their money. These classes are sponsored by JNP Coffee and Burundi Friends International.

We taste cherry and chocolate notes in Turihamwe with a syrupy, coating body, and medium citrus acidity. The fruit notes are more pronounced on pour-over methods and its body and chocolate notes shine on cold brewing methods.