Jebena Blend (Medium/Dark Roast)

JEBENA (Medium-Dark Blend)

Jebena is a blend of organic Ethiopian & Cameroon beans supporting sustainable agriculture and healthy food systems. Jebena’s roast profile is developed to honor the traditional coffee ceremony of East African communities. It’s customary to take this roast to higher temperatures with longer roast profiles to have a fuller body and bittersweet flavor notes.

In Jebena , you are going to taste flavors reminiscent of dark chocolate, caramel with a lasting sweetness and a full body. Jebena tastes great with batch brew methods, chemex, french press and also on espresso for those looking for bolder flavors in their espresso.

What does “Jebena” mean?

Jebena is a traditional Ethiopian and Eritrean coffee pot made of pottery most commonly used in the traditional coffee ceremony. The coffee ceremony is the way that many East African peoples enjoy their daily coffee. It is the fabric of all social gatherings, from celebrations to mourning, and we are proud to honor this tradition at Boon Boona.

The ceremony begins with pan roasting green (unroasted) coffee beans, which are then brewed in a clay pot known as a jebena. The coffee is brewed three times and served in small cups called finjal/sini. The first two rounds of brewing have unique names based on the language of the local community, however, across languages the last round is called Bereka, meaning “To be blessed”. It is the guests who offer blessings to the host as a form of gratitude for the hospitality.

How does your purchase support our local community?

Proceeds from the sale of Jebena support a youth of color-led organization working to make school meals healthier & affordable. We are proud to partner with FEEST SEATTLE, a King County non-profit whose mission is to set the table for young people to transform the health and equity of their community by gathering around food & working towards systems change. FEEST is an organization led by youth of color in South Seattle and South King County working to improve health in our schools. Focusing on the need for more healthy, affordable, and culturally relevant food at school, FEEST centers young people as leaders toward concrete changes in our food systems.