Jebena Blend


Named for the traditional pot used in the Ethiopian and Eritrean coffee ceremony, Jebena is a blend of organic beans roasted long and hot for a full body and bittersweet notes of dark chocolate and caramel. Your purchase supports FEEST SEATTLE, making school meals healthier and more affordable.

TASTING NOTES Bittersweet chocolate, kolo


REGIONEthiopia + Cameroon


Jebena Blend includes our first coffee from West Africa. Kiribi Coffee, our exporter partner, was founded by Jacques Shalo. He established an 11-acre farm for Kribi Coffee in Cameroon and formed ties with over 600 coffee farmers worldwide. Currently, Kribi Coffee processes and exports half a million pound of coffee annulay and they have a roastery based in Chicago, IL.


We are proud to partner with FEEST SEATTLE, a King County non-profit whose mission is to set the table for young people to transform the health and equity of their community by gathering around food & working towards systems change. FEEST is an organization led by youth of color in South Seattle and South King County working to improve health in our school. $1 from the sale of each bag of Jebena is donated to FEEST SEATTLE.