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Boon Boonaโ€™s Renton Coffee Shop opened in January 2019 and is located in the heart of downtown Renton, a short drive from Seattle/Bellevue and an even shorter drive from Seatac Airport. Boon Boona Coffee based in Seattle, sources the finest coffee, from the birthplace of coffee, East Africa. Providing high quality espresso, pour over coffee, roasted coffee, un-roasted green coffee beans, and pastries.

Learn about the birth and growth of Boon Boona Coffee from the Founder and CEO - Efrem Fesaha. How did Boon Boona come to be? What do we offer as a Cafe/Roaster? What are our goals/mission?

Boon Boona was born in 2012 serving green (unroasted) coffee to the East African community who enjoy the traditional coffee ceremony in their homes. By 2015, our green coffee had a reached a dozen cities in North America. In 2016, we launched our roasted coffee sourcing from Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania, and Ethiopia. Our intent is to bridge the gap between African coffee farmers and our North American coffee consumer. 

Our coffee shop in Renton offers a view into our coffee roasting production, espresso bar, pastries, sandwiches and beer/wine. The greatest attraction in our cafe is the coffee ceremony, an essential social occasion for many tribes in East Africa; The coffee ceremony experience consists of pan roasting green coffee, grind, then brew in the traditional clay pots known as Jebena (Eritrean/Ethiopian). The experience is fun, educational, and delicious.

We open our large space to food pop-ups, musicians, artists, poets and much more. We are delighted and honored to share this with the community of Renton and all surrounding areas.


1 (425) 496-8618



724 S 3rd Street, Ste. C, Renton, WA 98057



Mon-Sun 7amโ€“8pm


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Coffee Ceremony

The traditional East African coffee ceremony is now available at our Renton coffee shop!. A mini conventional bar area that will constitute as an educational cultural experience of the 1-hour East African coffee ceremony.

Come take part in a coffee ceremony first hand on Saturday or Sunday, Book your experience today!

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