MBC x BBC Barrel Aged Coffee


Barrel Aged Coffee, one of our Holidays tradition, is back with its 5th iteration. We have proudly collaborated with Métier Brewing Company (MBC), like we did last year. MBC champions diversity and inclusivity in the brewing industry, and is always in pursuit of immersive sensory experiences.

We have chosen a gin barrel this year. Earlier this fall, MBC gin-barreled their new white IPA. The outcome was a citric and sweet ipa with underlying gin botanical notes. We loved the beer and it made us wonder how our coffee would taste if we age it in the same gin barrel.

In short, the coffee does taste great. Unlike our earlier barrel-aged coffees, this iteration doesn't yield strong tannin and oak flavors. White IPA that's aged in the barrel, covered up most of the typical barrel notes. In return, it introduced higher complexity and sweetness.

We experience a balanced citric and sweet taste with a healthy does of creaminess that reminds us of key lime pie overall. In the back end, we taste vanilla notes with subtle “boozy” feeling and orange peel.