About Us


Boon Boona Coffee was launched with the aim of sourcing the highest quality coffee from Africa. In collaboration with coffee farmers across many African nations we look to develop long lasting relationships and support the sustainability of their crops. Boon Boona Coffee is the bridge between African specialty coffee and You.

How we got started?  

Unroasted Green Coffee is a necessity for the East African community who have been roasting coffee in their homes for many generations. Seattle is considered a major coffee-hub, but even in Seattle, unroasted green coffee is at times difficult to come across. Founder, Efrem Fesaha began his journey into coffee after seeing the East African community in Seattle struggle to find quality and consistency in their coffee. 

What is the East African Coffee Ceremony?

The East African coffee ceremony is the #1 way to consume coffee daily for many tribes in East Africa. The coffee ceremony requires green unroasted coffee being pan roasted and brewed in the clay pot known as a Jebena. The coffee ceremony is performed often in peoples' homes for personal consumption and as a sign of hospitality for guests. Similar to most East African kids who have grown up experiencing the coffee ceremony throughout their childhood, Efrem's is no different and it is from there his passion grew to launch Boon Boona Coffee.

Boon Boona Coffee wants You to experience the coffee ceremony at home also, check out our tutorial videos on our Media page, or come into our cafe in Renton.