Producer: Gashika Cooperative

Importer: JNP Cofee

Region: Ngozi Province Cofee

Variety: Bourbon

Processing: Dry-processed (Natural)

Dry Mill: SIVCA Mill

Elevation: 1,800 m

Crop: 2018-2019

Language of the community: Kirundi

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JNP Cofee is an importer who has been constantly inspiring us to do better and to be more intentional with our green cofee sourcing policies. The company was funded by Jeanine Niyonzima-Aroian who grew up in a cofee producer family in Burundi. Her main motivation to start a cofee export & import business was to provide support programs for high quality cofee production, gender equity, and fnancial literacy education to more women farmers in Burundi. Currently, JNP Cofee has been trading 100% of the cofee produced by International Women's Cofee Alliance (IWCA) in Burundi, and is an investor in the wet mills that processes all of the IWCAproduced cofee in the country. Of course Jeanine did not stop there. In 2007, she founded Burundi Friends International (, a non-proft organization that focuses on youth education and women's fnancial literacy and entrepreneurship. Earlier this year, Jeanine received a Katharine F. Erskine Award for “creating change in her community, opening doors for younger women and people of color, and for breaking down barriers for future generations of female leaders.”

Bavyevi has a special meaning for Jeanine as the cofee comes from the same community where her mother grew up. Stories of her mother helping the family harvest cofee cherries to cover school fees stand behind the name for this cofee. In Kirundi, “Bavyeyi” means “parents.” Remote areas of this high-altitude province are well known for quality cofee. JNP Cofee works with an experienced woman-owned cooperative (GASHIKA) to produce Bavyevi. The cooperative is lead by women and also majority of it 600+ members are Muslim women. JNP Cofee's local Qgrader regularly travels to to visit the community to exchange ideas with the farmers on best practices to improve harvesting and post-harvest processing methods. Following the post-harvest processing, the beans are milled at SIVCA dry mill in which JNP Cofee is a stakeholder. Long story short, Bavyevi is a thoughtful, traceable, equitable, empowering and sustainable cofee.

Last but not least, Bavyevi tastes like fresh cherries and has a creamy body with medium acidity. We enjoy it best with pour-over methods, especially when brewed with a long bloom and on the lower end of the temperature spectrum.