Ubuto - Burundi

Producer: Ubuto Washing Station

Importer: JNP Coffee

Region: Ngozi Province Coffee

Variety: Bourbon

Processing: Wet-processed (Washed)

Dry Mill: SIVCA Mill

Elevation: 1,700 m

Crop: 2022

JNP Coffee is an exporter, producer, and importer of green coffee that began in 2012. Jeanine Niyonzima-Aroian started JNP Coffee with the dream to change lives in Burundi, by reshaping its social norms. Before JNP Coffee she worked to become a licensed Q. Grader and certified Q. Processor. To continue to make a difference she serves as Community Coordinator for Specialty Coffee Association’s(SCA), By creating JNP Coffee, she’s helped empower women by giving them the tools to be self-sufficient. She shares her education and trainings with the coffee farmers. Making a difference in Burundi drives her passion.

The main goal is to empower their coffee growers. They partner with coffee growers and organizations that support inclusive economic growth and see them as partners. Each partnership is unique and contributes to the goals of ending poverty and specialty coffee.

The coffee they get from each partner is exceptional. The climate, soil, and culture in Burundi is lush and unique. They offer coffee that is heritage coffee from plants that grow naturally and without any genetic modification. The quality is genuine, pure, and washed with mineral-rich water. With roots planted deep in Burundi, JNP Coffee has created a successful business from the ground up. Offering quality coffees and enterprising farmers who care, has shaped their success. Everyone shares in the success and help build a brighter future for Burundi.

Ubuto is a new location for JNP Coffee, thanks to JNP Coffee's search to continue diversifying its extensive list of specialty coffee. Finding the new terroir in Karuzi Province, just east of Ngozi, helped give a name to this new coffee. Ubuto means “young” in Kirundi, these beans get that name because of its beautiful location. Fresh new trees, and crisp air help with producing a bright and clean taste. It’s a fully washed process, so it brings a soft pillowy body. Having notes of dried fruit and toffee makes this a household favorite.