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Nguvu - Democratic Republic of Congo

Producer: Beni smallholders

Importer: Mighty Peace Coffee

Region: African Great Lakes

Variety: Bourbon

Processing: Wet-processed – 12 hours dry, 24 hours wet. 12-21 days on raised beds
Down to 10-12% moisture.

Dry Mill: Mwenda Washing Station

Elevation: 1,200 - 1,800 masl

Crop: 2021

The economic and political crisis in the Democratic Republic of Congo has hindered access to the specialty coffee market over the decades. Nguvu is produced in North Kivu territory, in Beni, at the heart of these conflicts. Beni is rich in minerals, which led to opposition about control over mining areas. Recently there has been a shift slowly transitioning from conflict to ethical and sustainable practices, thanks to the Congolese Peace Movement.

In 2018, Mighty Peace Coffee was born out of this movement by an international team of great women and minority leaders, with the desire to make a difference in the world. Linda Mugaruka is an owner, an agronomist, and the only female cupper in Congo with her Q Grader Certification. Since joining she has implemented regenerative practices and is pushing for growth and perfection from each micro-lot. Mighty Peace Coffee is committed to establishing a community in the Congo. Mighty Peace Coffee has figured out that creating jobs and teaching the trait, brings people together, fights poverty, and the rich traditions of DRC’s specialty coffee are preserved.

Nguvu is Swahili for “power," a fitting name for such a powerful and persistent coffee. Exports of this Nguvu were delayed for weeks due to armed militia attacks; that caused farmers and producers to flee for safety outside of Beni. Once security was restored to Beni, they returned home quickly. The producers persevered and completed the process to ensure high-quality coffees.

Nguvu cupped as a Pour-over brings out all the complexity of this great taste. These bourbon processed beans offer a deep, buttery sage flavor. The rich taste has sweet stone fruit overtones.