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Ethiopia Adado


Producer Community: Legu Mill, Adado

Cooperative Region: Gedeo Zone, Yirgachefe, SNNPR

Region Coffee Varieties: Mixed Heirloom

Processing: Wet-processed – Fermented for 24-36 hours dried on raised beds for 7-10 days

Elevation: 1900-2100 m Wet Mill (Washing Station):

Legu Mill Crop: 2020 (Traceable to 2000 farmers)

Apricot, vanilla and cherry are some of the flavors you will enjoy in our espresso, Adado. This high-grown coffee also packs a lot of sweetness and juicy acidity. Adado Cooperative is located in Bule within the Gedeo Zone. It's northeast of Yirgacheffe, one of the best-known and most-celebrated coffee growing region in Ethiopia. Yirgacheffe is a very small town with thousands of smallholders growing coffee in the surrounding region. These producer communities bring their harvests to the central washing stations, usually owned by the cooperative they are part of. Once the cherries are delivered to the mill, they are sorted, pulped*, and fermented for up to 36 hours to remove the remaining mucilage (the fruit flesh sticking to the bean). Then, the washed beans end up on raised beds to dry. When they dry down to 11-12% moisture content, they are transferred to dry mills to be further sorted and prepared for import. Currently, over 2000 farmers cater to Adado washing station (wet mill), and this lot sourced by Cafe Imports is traceable to every single provider of the beans. We hope you enjoy Adado!

*Pulping step removes the seed from the coffee cherry by running them through a machine called depulper. In case of coffee processing, unlike most other fruit processing, the seeds are kept to be alchamized into coffee beans and the flesh is discarded/composted/repurposed.