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Honey Bourbon Barrel-Aged (Akieza Coffee)

The fourth iteration of our annual Barrel-aged Coffee is a blend of two Bourbons: Straight & Honey. Bourbon is a type of barrel-aged American whiskey made primarily from corn. Straight Bourbon barrel lends its whiskey aromatics and its unmistakable tannic finish to the aftertaste. Honey Bourbon is a classic bourbon whiskey carefully infused with honey for an extra kick of sweetness and depth. The Honey barrel highlights upfront sweetness that reminds us of vanilla and thickens the body in the cup. This year’s coffee is from Akieza group. Akieza is a new producer group JNP Coffee started to work with two years ago. This all-women farmer group is from a remote area in Kayanza province in northern Burundi. At the time Akieza partnered with JNP Coffee, the farmer group had capacity to only produce dry-process coffee.By the second year of their relationship, JNP Coffee supported the group to build washing channels enabling them to do wet process and diversify their products. They also worked with the local government to improve the road to the washing station for an easier and lower-cost transportation of the beans. These investments have empowered the all-women producer group to double their harvest and exports within a year.