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Karehe - Burundi


Flavor notes: Karehe offers complex melon and dark stone fruit notes, accompanied by a silky body, medium acidity, and honey sweetness.

Producer: Karehe Cooperative

Dry Mill: SIVCA Mill

Importer: JNP Coffee

Region: Ngozi Province

Variety: Bourbon

Processing: Wet-processed (Washed)

Altitude: 1,760 masl

Crop: 2020

Our beloved Burundian coffee sourcer, Jeanine Niyonzima-Aroian, founder of JNP Coffee (which sources our famous Bavyevi), visited Burundi this January and came back with a new and delightful offering for us, Karehe!

Besides being a delicious new addition to the Boon Boona Coffee menu family, Karahe’s cooperative model is centered on local community impact. Karehe is a certified women-produced, -processed, -marketed, and -imported coffee. Let’s leave it to Jeanine to explain:

“Born in Burundi, I founded JNP Coffee in 2012. Growing high-quality coffee has become not only a source of pride for Burundian women coffee growers, but also a means of empowerment. We sponsor the International Women’s Coffee Alliance - Burundi Chapter and underwrite the purchase of 100% of the green coffee produced by these amazing women. In a country where women’s contributions to the workforce has been historically unrecognized, these women receive payments directly from my company, JNP Coffee. These payments are fair and are based on the premium-rate prices that their coffees achieve in the global market: money that they’ve earned to build better lives for their families and their communities.”

The International Women’s Coffee Alliance (IWCA) was founded in 2003 to lead women's empowerment in the international coffee industry by supporting a global network of independent, self-organized, self-governing, organizations, through country chapters.