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Mama Oya Box

3 Coffees / 4oz each / Whole bean  


Mama Oya is an African orisha that symbolizes feminine-force, strength, structural change, and regulator of the marketplace. In other words, she symbolizes some of the main characteristics of Jeanine Niyonzima-Aroian (JNP Coffee), Kavi Bailey (Grand Paradé) and Laetitia Mukandahiro (Ikawa House), three African businesswomen and change-makers whose coffees constitute Mama Oya box. We are proud to be working with such creative and inspiring minds, and excited to be highlighting the quality results of their intentional works. 

The coffees in Mama Oya are going to take you on a sensorial journey through East Africa. Bavyevi, sourced by JNP Coffee, offers a complex, stone fruit-forward coffee with whiskey-like tannic mouthfeel and full body. Nova, brought to us by Ikawa House, is a creamy coffee with rounded strawberry- jam and milk chocolate notes and a pleasant finish. Karogoto, sourced by Grand Paradé, has a lively, kiwi-like acidity that is backed by raisin, fig and caramel notes.