Dur Feres - Ethiopia


Producer: Multiple smallholder coffee producers from several sister washing stations

Region:Bensa District, Sidamo Zone, SNNPR Region

Coffee Varieties: Setami, Mikicho, Kurume, 74/158, 74/110

Processing:Dry-processed (Natural)

Elevation:1800 m

Wet Mill (Washing Station): Bombe, Qonqona, Shantawene, Damo

Certifications:NOP and JAS Organic Certified, C.A.F.E. Practices


Local people group name: Durato, Fafcho

We could not be more proud to be the first roaster to offer Dur Feres in greater Seattle area. It is created and sourced by Catalyst Trade who has been specializing in Ethiopian coffee with investors and stakeholders in both Ethiopia and USA. Their transparent coffee trade platform and meticulous sourcing model assure that more of the added value stays in Ethiopia.

Community Lot is one of these value-driven sourcing models. It is a multi-faceted program that helps farmers sell a significantly larger part of their harvest. Ethiopia is full of high-scoring coffees, and it is easy to source top a top-shelf coffee that scores 88+/100. However, these kinds of beans usually has a small share in the whole harvest. Once these top-shelf coffees are sold, the producers end up with hundreds bags of quality coffee. Even if top-scoring coffee has better profitability, the farmers need to sell most of their harvests to be able to make a fair living. Community Lot solves this problem. Catalyst Trade works with producers around the country to curate a specialty-grade blend. These blends are curated using coffees from various regions of Ethiopia as they come ripe. This allows Catalyst Trade to keep a fresh crop supply, helps farmers optimize their sales and income, and gives roasters the consistency that they can build their sourcing programs upon. This is one of the effective ways to source coffee responsibly!

Dur Feres means Wild Horse in Amharic and is Catalyst Trade's flagship community lot. It has the same level of tractability as their top-shelf offerings, is organic certified, and maintains a steady favor profile. Furthermore, the washing stations that provide coffee for this blend are operated by the company's Ethiopian shareholders.

When we sip Dur Feres, we taste blueberries up front and cacao nibs in the finish. It has a round body with medium acidity and a lingering finish. We love this coffee and the people who have make it happen!