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Three Origins Within An Origin

3 Coffees / 4oz each / Whole bean  


Ethiopia is very diverse in many aspects. Coffee is only one of them. Being the birthplace of Arabica coffee (Coffee Arabica), it is no surprise Ethiopia produces a wide range of profiles within short distance. In this sampler box, you are going to taste some of our favorite Ethiopian coffees. Each coffee comes from a different region with signature flavor attributes of their respective homes.  

Dur Feres (Natural Process) - Sidamo Region - Notes: Blueberry, Cacoa Nibs

Grown by Yohannes Yoyo and sourced by Catalyst Trade a majority Ethiopian-owned company.  

Lecho Torka (Washed Process) - Guji Region - Notes: Peach, Earl Grey Tea

From the Lecho Torka washing station owned by Abdi Jebril, and manager Desta Wako, partner with 453 smallholder farmers from the nearby village and its surrounding. Our friends at Catalyst Trade also sourced this fragrant coffee for us this year. 

Adado (Washed Process) - Yirgacheffe Region - Notes: Apricot, Vanilla

Over 2,000 farmers cater to Adado washing station (wet mill), and this lot sourced by Cafe Imports is traceable to every single provider of the beans.