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Rui Ruiru - Kenya

Producer: Mathira North

Importer: Jamii Coffee

Region: Nyeri County

Variety: SL28 / SL34

Processing: Dry-processed (Natural)

Dry Mill: Rui Ruiru Wet Mill

Elevation: 1,700 m

Crop: 2021

Through this delicious coffee, you're supporting two great causes. Jamii Coffee and 230 smallholders are working to revive Rui Ruiru Wet Mill in Kenya. Chef Tarik of Feed The People is refurbishing a food truck so he can deliver meals to vulnerable community members. Combined with contributions from Boon Boona Coffee and Oatly, your purchase will assist both initiatives. That's a coffee with a purpose! 

Rui Ruiru Wet Mill 

Between 1963 - 2014, Rui Ruiru had been a producer of high-quality coffee. It is part of the larger Mathira North Co-Op. In 2014, the wet mill died. Farmers stopped delivering coffee for non-payment. Due to this the machinery rusted, termite infestation destroyed the offices and drying beds, and vegetation took over the entire wet mill. In 2020, Jamii Coffee was able to convince the farmers to deliver coffee. Jamii Coffee signed a preharvest contract, the contract provided the below:

1. Farmers knew exactly how much they were going to get paid per kilo of cherry.

2. Included a fee that would go directly to the management without impacting farmers' earnings. 

3. Jamii Coffee took over dry milling charges. 

Jamii Coffee went around neighboring villages to talk to the farmers and gain their trust to bring their cherries to the revived washing station. Years of failed promises and non-payment had created mistrust and only 70 out of 900 farmers got on board with Rui Ruiru station for their pilot run.

Following the success and the timely payment of the pilot run, another 160 farmers joined the movement. 230 farmers delivered cherries to the washing station in 2021/2022 season. Last year, Jamii Coffee was also able to secure a greenhouse for the wet mill through our partnership with New Kenya Platers Cooperative Union (NKPCU). This will support a more controlled system to process the coffee.

The mission for Jamii Coffee is to get the wet mill back to its original production which was 1 million kilos of cherry. Currently, Rui Ruiru is producing 48,000 kilos of cherry. 

Feed The People x Oatly x Boon Boona Coffee

When Tarik Abdullah opened the community kitchen in March 2020, he offered free walk-up counter-only meals, but many couldn't make it due to lack of transportation or elders etc. Tarik decided to pickup a truck to fulfill that need - a food distribution truck for meals only!

Through the sell of this coffee funds will be donated to Rui Ruiru and Feed The People! Once again two great causes - one coffee!