Dur Feres




Sourced in Ethiopia, Dur Feres means “Wild Horse”, yet this fruity, award-winning coffee is very approachable. A community lot sourcing model optimizes income for growers. We were proud to bring Dur Feres to Seattle, and you can be proud to enjoy and share it.

TASTING NOTES Berries, cocoa


REGION + ELEVATION Ethiopia | 1800 m

PROCESSING Dry-processed (Natural)

VARIETY Setami, Mikicho, Kurume, 74/158, 74/110


The Catalyst Trade-branded community lot Dur Feres (meaning Wild Horse, in Amharic) serves as the ultimate ambassador for Ethiopian coffee. Embodying the terroir of the region it hails from—in this case, Guji — Dur Feres lots are intentionally sourced from thousands of smallholders through multiple washing stations. The lots are great representatives of their respective micro regions. This one of the classic ways to create community lots.


Community Lot is a value-driven sourcing model that helps farmers sell a significantly larger part of their harvest. Ethiopia is full of high-scoring coffees, however these kinds of beans usually has a small share in the whole harvest. Once these top-shelf coffees are sold, the producers end up with hundreds bags of quality coffee. The farmers need to sell most of their harvests to be able to make a fair living. Community lot is one way to ensure higher sale volumes for producers.