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Rum Barrel-Aged (Turihamwe Coffee)

Rum Barrel-Aged Turihamwe Coffee, a Holiday Offering!

We have fun developing new coffee flavors by taking advantage of coffee’s hygroscopic character: the fact that coffee beans absorb moisture in the ambient air, which makes them absorb aromas in these water molecules. By aging green coffee beans in re-purposed liquor barrels, we mingle coffee’s inherent flavors with the aromatics of our favorite liquor.

This holiday season we feature our third edition of our liquor barrel-aged coffee release: Rum Barrel-Aged Turihamwe Lot 1791. Turihamwe, a farmer group in northern Burundi, is an International Women Coffee Alliance (IWCA) certified washing station meaning that the coffee is women-owned and women-grown. We worked with Jeanine Niyonzima-Aroian, a Burundian entrepreneur and owner of JNP Coffee to bring in this delicious coffee. This relationship makes Turihamwe an African-owned coffee from tip to

Our roasters rested green coffee beans in rum barrels from a small, independent distillery who uses domestically grown produce to distill their craft liquors. Turihamwe is a sweet and balanced coffee on its own, but when soaked in rum barrels, each sip will be even more rich thanks to the sweetness of dark brown sugar, vanilla notes, and oak-like aromatics. It is the ideal brew to share on Holiday mornings.